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What Members are Saying


“My social networks have changed since getting older. SF Village has introduced me to new friends, new ideas, new ways to contribute and, when necessary, how to ask for help”
Ralph Beren, member since 2009

“Like-minded people pooling their resources to help each other while staying in their own homes was very attractive to us.” 
Mary Ann and Phil Faris, members since 2009

“New friendships have come so easily. At this age we share the same memories and have been through the same experiences.” 
Margaret Johnson, member since 2009

“I needed transportation to physical therapy after knee surgery. I was picked up by a Village member in plenty of time for my appointment.When I was finished another member picked me up and took me home. It was absolutely seamless service.”
 Ellie Lurie, member since 2009

“I’m a seeker. I’ve entered a new stage in my life and I want my eyes to be open.”

Gayle Geary, member since 2009

“To date I’ve received expert transportation funded by the Village to and from a distant, urgent medical appointment, as well as transportation from fellow members. I’ve also had the opportunity to volunteer.” 
Dr. Robert J. Kaufmann, member since 2011

“All of the services I’ve needed have been extended to me in the spirit of open-hearted friendship from the staff, as well as generous volunteers.”
Noah Levin, member since 2011

“I now have a “movie buddy/friend” which is one of the things I hoped to find with the group.” 
Phyllis Lund, member since 2011

“I’ve met interesting people, attended many lectures and events dealing with the later years of life. And I’ve found other members to share play-reading with.” 
Sarah Goldman, member since 2009

“I've volunteered at SFV. I'm inordinately proud of this, considering that I have no useful skills whatsoever. I couldn't drive you anywhere. I couldn't fix your computer or your dinner. But I could phone you if you're homebound, or visit in person. In fact, I have.” 
I.W. Klein, member since 2009

“I’m celebrating my 85th birthday next week by having a big party and buying myself an iPhone!” 
Breazy Rosenthal, member since 2012 

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