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Related News
About the Village Movement
  • Where We Are in 2017: The Village Movement, read the fact sheet here
  • A Smart Way for Philanthropy Ideas to Spread Fast: Change Social Norms, 7/13/2015, read the full article here
  • SF's Gay Seniors More Likely To Live Alone, Avoid Services, 7/09/2013, read the full article here
  • Village People: Community Networks Help Boomers 'Age-in-Place', 1/24/2013, read the full article here
  • Virtual 'Villages' Provide Seniors with Support, 12/26/2012, listen to the clip here
New York Times
  • Reviving House Calls by Doctors, 9/27/16, read the full article here
  • Shaking Off Loneliness, 5/13/2013, read the full article here
  • How Can Therapy Help in the Golden Years, 4/22/2013, read the full article here
  • Social Security: It's Worse Than You Think, 1/06/2013, read the full article here
  • Among Many Aging Americans, Surprising Optimism, 8/20/2012, read the full article here
  • You Probably Have Too Much Stuff, 8/13/2012, read the full article here
  • How to Make Optimism Work for You, 7/02/2012, read the full article here
Washington Post
  • No one wants to think about a parent dying. But not planning for it makes it worse, 2/21/17, read the full article here
  • Loneliness grows from individual ache to public health hazard, 1/31/16, read the full article here
Useful References
Educating Seniors Project - from the State Bar of California, this list provides useful resources to avoid scams and stay safe
HealthFinder - health information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Huff/Post50 - life begins at 50
Mayo Clinic 
National Council on Aging - facts about older adults and economic security
National Institute on Aging - the importance of exercise and physical activity on aging well 
Next Avenue - public media's first and only national service for America's booming 50+ population
Stanford Center on Longevity - the center is focused on redesigning long life and improving the well-being of all people

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