Exploring Your Life Story Through Intergenerational Relationships - San Francisco Village

When young people have mentors, they learn to trust themselves and gain social values to take with them through life’s journey.  But what happens for older adults when they interact with those 50 years younger?  A sense of social connectedness helps boost brain stimulation and emotional security.  One’s overall physical well-being is directly and positively impacted.

This is why San Francisco Village opens our doors to people of all ages.  We’re social beings — meant to interact, to engage, to teach, to learn, and not walk this path alone.

When recent Mon Ami college students visited with older adults at San Francisco Village a few weeks ago, we exchanged personal stories and reflections about the transitional time of graduation.

We asked each other questions like: What scared you about facing the work world?  What kind of obstacles did you face?  Tell me about your first love.  What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

Feel inspired by this poignant short video.


For information about San Francisco Village and steps on how to join as a member or volunteer, email info@sfvillage.org or call 415-387-1375 x 2.