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Step Up and Step Back

In response to the OK Boomer meme, Kate Hoepke argues that Boomers must leverage their experience, knowledge and resources to advance an agenda defined by younger generations. Read her op-ed in Aging Today.

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SFV Executive Director: I’m a Boomer and I’m Furious

Read Kate Hoepke's recent opinion piece in Ms. Magazine, "I'm a Boomer and I'm Furious," in response to the OK Boomer story.  Kate is an Encore Public Voices fellow with the Op-Ed Project. Photo credit: Molly Adams     --- For information on how to get...

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The Intersection of Healthcare and Social Care

In April, San Francisco Village launched a new Wellness Program in partnership with California Pacific Medical Center- Mission Bernal Campus. This pioneering program bridges health care and social care by providing SFV services and supports to recently discharged...

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“There’s a pleasure I find in doing things for other people: I enjoy their company, learn new things and develop friendships as a result of my volunteer work with the Village.”

Larry Lurie,
member and volunteer since 2010