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Volunteers Are at the Heart of Our Community

San Francisco Village is an intergenerational community that brings younger volunteers together with older members to learn from and care for each other. Before COVID 19, volunteers of all ages responded to members’ requests for help with a ride to a medical appointment, assistance with laundry or grocery shopping, technology troubleshooting, or a friendly conversation.

Since sheltering-in-place began in mid-March, we have on-boarded more than 100 Millennial volunteers eager to support their older neighbors who are at higher risk of infection. It’s a humanitarian response motivated by empathy and civic love. A testimonial to the character of younger generations who understand that we’re all connected, and our future depends on working together.

If you’re over 18 and would like to make a meaningful difference in the life of an older person, please complete the brief questionnaire below. We will follow up with an email and next steps. Be prepared to gain more than you give!

Guide for a Successful Friendly Phone Connection

Guide for Grocery Shopping & Prescription pick up

Guide for Technology Support

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“We all have the ability to make someone’s life better. I don’t think of it as giving, I think of it as a way to live. We should all be living in a way where we are mindful of each other’s needs.”

Betty Chen,
volunteer since 2014