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Volunteers Enrich Our Community

San Francisco Village has more than 175 trained volunteers of all ages who regularly step up to respond to a member’s request for help. A ride to a medical appointment, assistance with laundry or grocery shopping, and technology troubleshooting are some of the most frequent requests. Three times a year we coordinate Days of Service, when groups of volunteers are dispatched to members’ homes to accomplish a number of household chores: garden clean-up, trash removal, scrubbing the shower, painting the back stairs or flipping a mattress. We’re showing the next generation that aging is a normal and expected part of life.

Volunteers complete an extensive application, provide several references and attend a two-hour training. In addition, every volunteer agrees to a background check with the U.S. Department of Justice and if they are a volunteer driver, we review their driving record with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and ask for proof of insurance.

“We all have the ability to make someone’s life better. I don’t think of it as giving, I think of it as a way to live. We should all be living in a way where we are mindful of each other’s needs.”

Betty Chen,
volunteer since 2014