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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our fundraising has transitioned from an in-person luncheon to a direct email appeal.

When San Francisco Village launched 13 years ago no one could have predicted how vital this network would be in response to a global pandemic. Rooted in values like interdependence, reciprocity and mutual care, we have risen to the challenges of the past two years and gone beyond what anyone thought was possible.

Thanks to your support, our members’ resilience, our volunteers’ empathy, and civic action, San Francisco Village is stronger than ever. When we say we need each other, that most certainly includes you. Simply put, your support allows us to scale the impact we have across generations, across San Francisco. Please take this opportunity to invest in our city’s older adults and our vision for a future in which all generations feel valued, needed, and connected.

Annual Luncheon

From 2013 – 2019 San Francisco Village hosted the Transforming Lives and Community Luncheon, a celebration of aging and our annual signature fundraising event. The hallmark of the luncheon is an award to one or more persons in their 70’s or older who have made a profound impact on the lives of San Franciscans and beyond, and who exemplify what it means to age with continued meaning and purpose. Recipients may include politicians, civic leaders, artists, scientists, philanthropists and others who continue to transform lives and community into their older years.


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“San Francisco Village is an adventure in the art of aging.”

Lynn Davis,
member since 2014