KALW - City Visions: Aging in Place - San Francisco Village

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Aging Baby Boomers are an exploding demographic, and by 2060 that population is expected to double in size as people are living longer. What options and opportunities are available to seniors who wish to age in place?

What are the challenges facing seniors and what can we do to prepare for an aging population? They say it takes a village to raise a child. In this show, host Joseph Pace and his guests discuss how it can take a village to care for our oldest citizens.


Kate Hoepke, executive director of San Francisco Village, a nonprofit organization of members and volunteers who are helping each other as they age and choose to live independently.

Dr. Patrick Arbore of San Francisco’s Institute on Aging. Dr. Arbore is a nationally recognized expert in the field of elderly suicide prevention and has worked on how isolation, loneliness and depression uniquely impact older adults.

Roberta Rothman, a member of San Francisco Village and a long-time San Francisco resident. Before retiring at the age of 70, Roberta was the executive director of several nonprofits, including the Jewish Coalition for Literacy.

Producer: Grace Won