KQED The California Report: Building Community For Seniors In Need - San Francisco Village

Madi Bolanos, a reporter with KQED The California Report, recently sat down with SFV member, Shorey Chapman, to discuss how his life was transformed by genuine connection with SFV volunteers, David and Lisa Rice.

As we age, our social networks tend to shrink, leaving us feeling disconnected from the world around us and taking a toll on our mental health. Recent studies have shown that loneliness is linked to an increased risk for heart disease, dementia and early death in older adults. That’s why San Francisco Village works to change the way we age by bridging the gap between health and social care.


After breaking both of his hips in the last decade, Shorey was having trouble getting around. He found it increasingly difficult to get outside and needed help with small tasks like taking his clothes to the laundromat and taking the trash out. With his wife and daughter both living away from home, Shorey felt a growing sense of loneliness.

Shorey discovered San Francisco Village where he soon found support, care, and friendship with David and Lisa. “They are just the greatest thing since sliced bread, ” Shorey says.

The best part? The feeling is mutual. These moments with Shorey bring David and Lisa so much joy and help them feel at home in a new city. “It’s been really enriching and given us a sense of connection. Almost like a sense of family,” says David.

Social connection and having a sense of purpose are vital needs for people of all ages. Thanks to The California Report for highlighting our life-affirming work! 

Click this link to listen to the full story on KQED California Report. All photos were taken by David Rice.