Learn Something New About Yourself - San Francisco Village

Here at San Francisco Village, our programming and neighborhood circles provide an opportunity for members to live connected, active, and engaged.

This allows us to continue discovering and learning things about ourselves and the world around us during this vibrant time in our lives.

One way village members grow together is by taking ownership of the activities they do together. In fact, member Olive Shaughnessy has created a class with a few other members. Olive says this makes the village’s approach quite unique.

“It’s not someone in charge telling someone what to do — we’re creating this experience together. I don’t think that’s true in a nursing home. We decide who do we want to be and how we’re going to do it. I think that’s wonderful,” she said.

It’s easy to isolate ourselves. But membership encourages us to strive to challenge ourselves, creating personal growth and positive relationships.

“I’m a recluse, so for me to step up and be with strangers once a month is a practice I’m trying to develop. Also how to learn to help each other when we need it,” Olive said.

Like Olive, you or someone you know could benefit from aging better together. Inquire about San Francisco Village membership today by filling out an application here. And, share this blog with others.