Sharing the Gift of Community with Others - San Francisco Village

With opportunities such as activities and neighborhood circles, we know that San Francisco Village membership affords us with rich and engaging experiences. But sharing this with others can be tough, as aging is a tender topic for some.

Yet as member Olive Shaughnessy says, the village provides a platform for making new friends that span generations, making conversations about aging more comfortable.

“It’s a very personal conversation to talk to friends about aging. And making new friends when you don’t have a context is not so easy. These classes and events join people into a context. I’m more willing to talk about aging because of the village,” she said.

Some recent retirees may feel as though the village is a great option, but for later in their life. Member Joanne Low said she initially felt this way, but soon realized that the village’s multigenerational approach makes membership fulfilling, regardless of age.

“It was something that I thought I saw in my future, but not immediately. But since then, by joining and going to some of the activities, I realized there isn’t really a right age — there’s things for different people at different stages,” she said.

The multigenerational focus also makes us more comfortable among our peers. Board member Bill Haskell says he highlights this when talking to neighbors about membership.

“I tell her that it’s made a significant and positive difference in my sense of community and belonging, embracing my own age and getting to know people in my own age group. It’s great to have younger friends, but it’s important to embrace your age and know your peers,” he said.

“It’s a place where I can go for myself. I haven’t had that kind of experience for a long time in my life,” Olive said.

Like Olive, Joanne, and Bill, you or someone you know could benefit from aging better together. Inquire about San Francisco Village membership today by filling out an application here. And, share this blog with others.