The Intersection of Healthcare and Social Care - San Francisco Village

In April, San Francisco Village launched a new Wellness Program in partnership with California Pacific Medical Center– Mission Bernal Campus. This pioneering program bridges health care and social care by providing SFV services and supports to recently discharged patients, in an effort to reduce hospital readmissions, emergency room visits, and improve overall health outcomes.

Newly discharged patients are enrolled in a 90-day membership which connects them to programs and activities; assistance with social services and referrals; and volunteer support at home, such as friendly visits, check-in phone calls, occasional grocery shopping and transportation to a medical appointment.

At San Francisco Village we believe that social connections and support are fundamental to an individual’s positive health outcomes and overall sense of well-being. And we’re backed up by research. Recent studies have found that the top two indicators of a longer life are social integration and close relationships. In fact, they’re more important than quitting smoking or regular exercise! (Holt-Lundstad, APA, 2017).

Recently, one of the members supported through the Wellness Program, shared that his SFV volunteer had been the most reliable help he’d received after being discharged from the hospital. As a solo ager, he said that conversations with our Wellness Coordinator have provided him with a “clear path to go on,” referring to the care coordination he receives, which includes resources and referrals.

Another member, who reported feeling socially isolated even though she lives with family members, now participates in ongoing programs such as Tai Chi and Aging Well with Meditation. After we assisted her in completing the Paratransit application, she is now able to attend more San Francisco Village programs and continue to make meaningful connections with other members.

For information on how to get involved with San Francisco Village as a member or volunteer, email or call (415) 387-1375 x 2.