The Power of Connectedness in an Era of Isolation - San Francisco Village

At San Francisco Village we’re in the business of building intergenerational community: connecting people of all ages to a well-spring of experience and knowledge while celebrating our common humanity. At a time in our American history when social isolation and loneliness are reaching epidemic proportions, San Francisco Village has emerged as an antidote.

New research suggests that regardless of age, individuals with less social connection have disrupted sleep patterns, altered immune systems, more inflammation and higher levels of stress hormones. For those of us over 65, it can lead to increased depression, longer recovery times and premature death.

As we get older, our support networks naturally diminish: friends and family move or pass away; life-altering situations arise that we’re not prepared to manage; and in the midst of so much social change we question our relevance and our ability to cope; all factors that can cause us to feel left out.

Rooted in humanistic values like caring, empathy, dignity, compassion and the greater good, San Francisco Village has built a social infrastructure that responds to the needs of its members, volunteers and supporters: the need to be known, to make a contribution, to teach, to learn, to ask for help, to give meaning and shape to our lives.

We invite people all ages to participate with us in this life-affirming model for social change.  For information about San Francisco Village and steps on how to join as a member or volunteer, email or call 415-387-1375 x 2.