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The Intersection of Healthcare and Social Care

In April, San Francisco Village launched a new Wellness Program in partnership with California Pacific Medical Center- Mission Bernal Campus. This pioneering program bridges health care and social care by providing SFV services and supports to recently discharged...

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Activism Never Gets Old

For many of us, responding to injustice has been part of our lives since we were young adults. Standing up for civil rights, gender equality, immigration reform, or economic justice have defined our political positions and shaped our sense of purpose in the world....

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Learning about Ourselves by Exploring Other Cultures

With more than 330 members throughout the city, Neighborhood Circles are smaller, hyper-local groups that enable members to develop relationships closer to home. The 94109 / 94133 Circle includes Nob Hill, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Chinatown and Russian Hill. ...

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Community Pride at San Francisco Village

From San Francisco Village Board Co-Chair, Bill Haskell -   Like many gay men of my generation, I moved to San Francisco to find a home that welcomed me – a place where I knew I belonged. During the AIDS epidemic, our sense of community was shattered. We lost too...

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The Power of Connectedness in an Era of Isolation

At San Francisco Village we’re in the business of building intergenerational community: connecting people of all ages to a well-spring of experience and knowledge while celebrating our common humanity. At a time in our American history when social isolation and...

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“There’s a pleasure I find in doing things for other people: I enjoy their company, learn new things and develop friendships as a result of my volunteer work with the Village.”

Larry Lurie,
member and volunteer since 2010